Curriculum development with ABC LD workshops

Curriculum development with ABC LD workshops

ABC workshop at UCLABC Learning Design workshops support staff to redesign their teaching to consider the student learning experience, embed appropriate technologies and align to institutional teaching strategies.

This 90 minute workshop takes staff step by step through the process of redesigning their course. It can be tailored to the needs of your institution.

In the workshop, staff consider six learning types and look at how these types of learning can be balanced across a course of study to provide students with engaging learning experiences.

Feedback from these workshops is very encouraging. Academics appreciate the opportunity to discuss the teaching structure with their colleagues and make plans to improve the student learning experience. The workshop simplifies the learning design process and enables teaching teams to rapidly discuss and plan the students’ journey through a course of study, without having to dedicate many hours to the task.

The ABC workshop materials are freely available under an opensource, share-alike license from abc-ld.org. Inclusive Web can help you to localise the training materials and can facilitate workshops within your own institution, so that you can introduce the method to your own academic support staff.

Watch the introduction video below to find out how ABC workshops are run.